What is a GP?

We were commissioned by the University of Leicester alongside Heath Education England, to create a film encouraging young people to consider a career as a GP. We captured interviews with local GP’s to gain an insight on what their work is like and to bring an inside perspective to our film. We worked carefully to ensure these films were engaging for their target audience (15-18 year olds), content was broken down into a “question and answer” format to keep it easy to digest and we worked with each contributor to steer them away from using medical jargon or overly complex language.

Medicine with a Foundation Year

We also created a second  film, designed to sit alongside the GP film that showcases the University of Leicester’s Medicine with a Foundation Year course. This course provides an accesible route into medicine for students who wish to study Medicine at the University of Leicester, but whose background makes it less likely that they will be able to meet the entry requirements for the standard five year course.